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Good Stuff In, Good Vibes Out


When it comes to feeling good, go with your gut. Our Gut Health blend puts good things in so you can get good vibes out, containing Pre and Probiotic Cultures* including Prebiotic Apple Extract as well as Zinc and Selenium to support a healthy digestive system*. You know what they say – the gut is the second brain, so consider taking Gut Health the smartest thing you’ll do for your body each day. With no artificial colors, flavors or sugar, Gut Health is vegan, non-GMO and designed, formulated and manufactured in California. Contains 60 servings per pack. Recommended dosage - take one capsule daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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For full instructions, see back of pack. Discover the power of habit and #DOITDAILY

contain no artificial flavors
no colors or sugars


Probiotic Blend

Apple Extract



HealthByHabit - gut health ingredients
HealthByHabit - gut health ingredients
HealthByHabit - gut health ingredients